How to Copy & Paste in PuTTY

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Linux system administrators commonly use the keyboard instead of a mouse.
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In Windows, you can copy information from an application to the clipboard by highlighting it and pressing "Ctrl-C." You can paste information from the clipboard to a Windows application by pressing "Ctrl-V." In a PuTTY session, the Windows shortcut keys lose their meaning. Instead of "Ctrl-C," you can copy to the Windows clipboard by highlighting text with your mouse. Instead of pressing "Ctrl-V" to paste text from Windows, press the right mouse button.


Between Windows and PuTTY

To copy from Windows and paste into PuTTY, highlight the text in Windows, press "Ctrl-C," select the PuTTY window, and press the right mouse button to paste. To copy from PuTTy and paste into Windows, highlight the information in PuTTY and press "Ctrl-V" in the Windows application to paste it.


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Within PuTTY

To copy and paste from within PuTTY, simply highlight the text you want to copy, position your cursor at the place you want to paste the text and press the right mouse button. If you're editing a document using a text editor, such as Nano or Vi, you can also use the editor's cut and paste functionality.





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