How to Copy Data From a USB Dongle

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USB flash drives

Copying information from a USB dongle or a flash USB drive is much like copying files between two hard drives or from a CD or DVD to a hard drive. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X even feature easy keyboard shortcuts that make copying files off USB drives or USB dongles straightforward and easy.


Step 1

Insert the USB dongle into your computer's USB port.

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Step 2

Wait 30 seconds for the computer to recognize and load the drive. This will happen automatically.

Step 3

Double-click on the USB drive icon that appears on your Mac desktop or in Explorer in Windows.


Step 4

Highlight the files that you'd like to copy and click "Ctrl+C" in Windows or "Apple+C" in Mac.


Step 5

Browse to the folder to which you'd like to copy the data and click "Ctrl+P" in Windows or "Apple+P" in Mac.




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