How Do I Copy a Row in Excel & Paste it Into a Column?

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Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet software program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Different versions are available for both Windows and Mac, though all versions work similarly. Excel is suited for analyzing data in different ways, automating tasks with the built-in macro software and producing graphs and other table analysis. Learning how to copy a row and paste it as a column, or vice versa, is easy using the Paste Special function.

Step 1

Click the row or column that you want to copy, for example row "2."

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Step 2

Right-click the first cell in either the row or column you want to paste your data in.

Step 3

Click the tick box for "Transpose" in the bottom right of the window. Click "OK."



If you plan to move and select multiple rows or columns, Excel will paste the rows or columns in order. For example, when copying Row 1 and 2, these will become Column A and B respectively.

Paste Special is only featured in Excel 2000 and onward.

If you are using a version of Excel 2000 or after and you cannot see "Paste Special," make sure you right-click only the first destination cell.