How to Copy & Paste Shapes

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The "Copy" and "Paste" functions are internal commands preset on your computer. These tools are useful if you want to copy a long stream of text verbatim without memorizing it. You can also copy and paste pictures and shapes in the same way you would copy and paste text. The type of shapes you can create and the locations you can paste them may be limited by the software you use.


Step 1

Design your shape. You have the option of creating your own design or using one of the shape tools your computer software offers. You can use any program with which you are familiar, including Paint, Microsoft Word or Photoshop. All of these programs come preloaded with basic drawing tools to use for your design. Common shape tools are the circle and square tools. The circle tool allows you to create any rounded shape with the dimensions of your choice. The square tool also permits you to create a rectangle or square of any size.


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Step 2

Select your shape so that the drawing handles appear by clicking on the surface area of the shape. At least four handles will appear around the perimeter of your shape. If you do not see any drawing handles, click another location on your shape until the handles appear. You will not be able to copy your shape unless the handles appear to indicate that your shape is selected.


Step 3

Copy your shape while it is still selected. You can copy it manually by selecting "Copy" from the Edit menu on most software applications, including Word and Paint. If you are unsure of where the "Copy" function is on your software, you can use a shortcut by holding the "Ctrl" and "C" keys simultaneously if you are using a Windows computer or the "Command" and "C" keys simultaneously on a Mac.


Step 4

Determine where you want to paste your shape. If you simply want to paste a copy of the shape in the file as the one where the original is located, you may proceed to Step 5. If you want to paste the shape in a new location, open up a new file in whatever program you want to paste in.

Step 5

Paste your shape. To paste manually, select the "Paste" option from the Edit menu on most programs. If you don't know where the paste function is located, use the shortcut paste function. Windows users should hold the "Ctrl" and "V" keys while Mac users should hold the "Command" and "V" keys.


Step 6

Move your shape to a desired location. Your shape may not paste exactly where you want it to. Click the shape to select it and make sure that the drawing handles appear. Hold down the mouse on the shape and move the mouse to move your shape wherever you want it to appear. Release the mouse when you are done.



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