How to Copy The Files That I Have in Windows Media Player to My Desktop

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The Windows Media Player has become the computer industry standard in music and video playback since its introduction with the Windows 98 Second Edition program. The Windows Media Player stores media related files, like movies, MP3s, and pictures, into separate libraries that users can easily access, but users can access these files easier if they were copied to the Desktop of their computer. This method will allow users instant access to any media files with a simple double-click of the file.


Copying Files to Your Desktop

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Step 1

Find Windows Media Player in your system browser and click on it. If you have a Windows Media Player Shortcut Icon on your desktop or taskbar, double click that instead, or right click the icon and click the "Open" option.


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Step 2

Click on the Windows Media Player Library. This will bring up a list of icons that include your music library, video library and picture library.

Step 3

Double-click an icon to open one of the libraries. A list will appear labeling the specific areas in which you can view your files under, double click any of them and that is how they will appear alphabetically. For example, if you open your music library, a list of icons will appear, like "Artist," "Album" and "Genre." If you want to open the entire library double-click the All Music icon.


Step 4

Browse through the list and select a file you'd like to copy to your desktop.

Step 5

Right-click the selected file, and select the "Open File Location" option. A new window will open containing the file you selected.


Step 6

Click on the selected file and push the Control and C keys together to copy the file.You can also right-click the file, and select the "Copy" option. To copy multiple files in the folder you opened, you can click on a file, then, while holding down the Control key, click on any other files you'd like to copy, and then push the Control and C keys together.


Step 7

Minimize any opened windows to get back to the desktop.

Step 8

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select the "Paste" option to paste the file to your desktop. You can also push the Control and V keys together to paste the file. Note that if you right-click on any folders on your desktop and select the paste option, the file will paste in that folder.




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