How to Copy Files From a PC to a SanDisk Secure Digital Memory Card

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A SanDisk Secure Digital, or SD, memory card is an efficient method to store computer data. From music, pictures and other types of content, users can conveniently carry such files and share them among computers. Moreover, these storage devices are also useful to back up vital programs for later use. To copy files from a PC to these storage units, you may do so from your computer's main files management system.


Step 1

Connect the SanDisk SD memory card to your computer. Insert it to a built-in memory reader, which is most commonly found on laptops, or a third-party device. If using a device, connect the memory reader to a USB port, then insert the SD memory card into the reader's SD slot.

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Step 2

Go to the "Start" menu and click "Computer." Double-click the hard disk containing the files you wish to copy.


Step 3

Browse for the folder where all necessary files reside. Right-click the file in question and click "Copy" from its context menu. Alternatively, highlight the file with your mouse cursor, then press "Ctrl" and "C" using your keyboard.

Step 4

Select multiple files, if necessary, by clicking in an empty window area, then dragging the cursor over each file. Alternatively, click each individual file while pressing the "Ctrl" key simultaneously. To select all files at once, press "Ctrl" and "A" using your keyboard.


Step 5

Open an additional Computer window. Double-click the available "Removable Disk" drive.


Step 6

Right-click an empty area, then click "Paste" from the context menu. You may also press "Ctrl" and "V" from your keyboard.


Step 7

Create a new directory if you wish to organize each file by folder. Click the "File" menu, followed by "New," "Folder." Assign a desired name, then press "Enter."

Step 8

Double-click the newly created directory and paste any desired file within it. When finished, you may close the Computer window and disconnect the SanDisk SD memory card.

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