How to Convert Bin to EXE

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Bin files are Unix-based directories that store programs, drivers or other contents on your PC. Converting these folder to exe simply means to open (or un-zip) them so your computer can read the individual files that are stored within (exe file extensions are PC specific). If your computer is not equipped with a program for opening bin files, there are several you may download. You may use any program capable of these conversions to mount bin files from either your PC or from a CD or DVD disc.


Step 1

Download and install a bin mounting program. Open your bin folder by clicking the "Open" button in the program's interface and locating the bin in the pop-up window. If using MagicDisc, you will need to click on its icon in the lower right-hand side of your main tasks panel.


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Step 2

Navigate through your bin's contents to select a specific item you want extracted, or highlight all the files to unzip the entire folder.

Step 3

Click the "Extract" or "Mount" button in the program's interface and select your converted files' output destination (where your computer will save the files to). Click "Save" or "Extract" to begin the conversion.




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