How to Copy Videos From an LG Time Machine

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Some LG television set models include the integrated LG Time Machine or Time Machine 2 hard drive for scheduling and recording live programming, without the need for an external set-top digital video recorder. The LG Time Machine Link lets you transfer TV recordings to an external drive or computer via a USB cable so that you can make space for new recordings on the TV set hard drive.


Step 1

Connect the external hard drive's power source to an outlet. Place the drive on a steady surface. Don't place the drive on the floor, because dust and other contaminants can damage the device.

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Step 2

Plug the external hard drive USB cable into the USB port on the side of the LG television set.

Step 3

Turn on the television set and select the Time Machine tab on the main menu. Select "USB Device Initialization" and press the "OK" button. Wait for the hard drive to sync with the TV.


Step 4

Resume watching a program and press the Time Machine's "Record" button on the remote. The video recording will begin copying to your external drive.


Do not disconnect the drive during recording or playback. You risk corrupting all of the data on the disk and losing your earlier recordings.