How to Create a Distribution List With Yahoo Email

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A distribution list makes emailing easier.

A distribution list is simply a collection of several email contacts grouped together as a category. If you often find yourself sending the same email message to the same group of contacts, creating a distribution list of those contacts will save you time and prevent you from inadvertently omitting any of your usual contacts. Yahoo Mail provides a means of making distribution lists, which Yahoo refers to as "Categories."


Step 1

Type "" into the address bar of your web browser and press "Enter." Log into Yahoo if you are not already signed in. This takes you directly to your Yahoo Mail address book.

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Step 2

Click "Contacts" link in the left pane of the window if you are using "Yahoo Mail" or click the "Contacts" tab near the top of the window if you are using "Yahoo Classic" email.


Step 3

Click the "Add Category" button on the Yahoo Mail toolbar. Type a name for the distribution list into the "Category Name" box. Click "Save."

Step 4

Click the "View" button and select "All Contacts." Select the check boxes to the left of each contact whom you wish to add to the distribution list. Click "Add to Category" in the main window.

Step 5

Select the check box for the distribution list to which you want to add your contacts. Click the "Done" button.


To send an email to your distribution list, click the "View" button and select the list name. Click the "Select All" check box. Click "Send Email" in the main window and compose your email. When you send the message it will be sent to everyone in the list.