How to Create a Partition With a Command Prompt

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A hard drive partition is the information on the hardware that tells the operating system how the drive is sectioned. When you create a partition, you create a partition table that is stored on the drive. You can create a partition table using a bootable Windows or DOS CD, DVD or floppy disk. These boot disks have a program called "Fdisk" on them. Fdisk is used to create a hard drive partition. The program runs in the DOS command prompt and makes it easy for users to quickly partition a hard drive.


Step 1

Insert the bootable diskette into the drive and reboot the machine. If you have a Windows installation CD, this media is bootable. Some people have boot floppy disks or CDs, and these diskettes will work as well.

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Step 2

Press the "Esc" key if you used a Windows boot CD to escape the installation welcome screen. You are brought to a DOS command prompt.


Step 3

Type "fdisk" into the DOS command prompt. This opens the fdisk command line utility. Select "1" from the menu options, which is the option to create a primary DOS partition.

Step 4

Press the "1" key again to select "Create Primary DOS Partition." Press the "Enter" key to use the maximum amount of free space available. This uses all the free space on the hard drive and makes it available for file and program storage.



Step 5

Press "Y" to confirm your changes. The fdisk application warns you that all the information on the disk will be deleted. After you confirm, it may take a few seconds for the partition table creation.



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