How to Create a Popup Window With Dreamweaver

How to Create a Popup Window With Dreamweaver. If you have ever wanted to include a pop-up window with your website, such as for thumbnails or accessibility, Dreamweaver makes it easy to do so. Dreamweaver has included automatic scripting to let you change a few options and add a pop-up window to your website almost automatically with no hard coding involved. Follow these steps to add a pop-up window to your website.

Step 1

Start Dreamweaver. Open a new blank document by selecting "HTML" in the "New" category on the introduction splash screen.

Step 2

Type the word "Link" or some other text so you can test out the pop-up window onto your new blank HTML document and select it when you are finished.

Step 3

Choose the "Window" menu, and then "Behaviors" to bring up the Behaviors panel.

Step 4

Click on the "+" symbol and then choose "Open Browser Window" to view the Open Browser Window pop-up properties. Here, you can set the specific properties you would like to apply to your pop-up window.

Step 5

Key in, copy and paste or browse to input the URL you wish the visitor to be directed to when he clicks on the word "Link" in your document.

Step 6

Specify the width and height of the pop-up, as well as any attributes you want the pop-up to contain such as a toolbar, menu bar, status bar, scrollbars or resize handles and click "OK."

Step 7

Select "onClick" from the Events column in the Behaviors panel to set the pop-up window to occur when the word "Link" is clicked.


Use the keyboard shortcut of Shift+F4 to quickly bring up the Behaviors panel. You must be in Preview view before you can test to see if the pop-up window works correctly.