How to Create a Shortcut in Windows CE

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Laptops typically run a full OS, rather than an embedded one.
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Windows CE, or Windows Embedded Compact, may look similar to other versions of Windows, but it is built to be run on simpler systems with less memory. Smaller devices such as netbooks and PDAs run CE. Since CE isn't just a smaller version of the standard Windows OS, you can't do certain things the same way. To create a desktop shortcut, you need to manually create a LNK file.


Step 1

Open the Notepad program. Click the "File" tab and selecting "Save As." Name the file ProgramShortcut.lnk, where "ProgramShortcut" represents whichever program or file you are creating the shortcut for.

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Step 2

Find the path for the program file. The path is the location of the executable file. For instance, the path to create a shortcut to the game Solitaire is Windows\solitaire.exe.


Step 3

Add up the total characters used in the path including letters, spaces and slashes. For the Solitaire shortcut, this is 22.


Step 4

Type the number and command line into your LINK file in the format: length of string#command line. As an example, the string for Solitaire reads: 22#\Windows\solitaire.exe

Step 5

Save the LINK to \Windows\Start Menu and you can now access the shortcut from your Start menu.