How to Create a Web Page

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Web-building tools can be found online, downloaded as freeware and shareware, or purchased from a software vendor, and they may already exist on the computer you use. The best tool for you depends somewhat on the reason you decided to build a Web page.


Web Page-Building Services

One way to build a Web page is to use an online company that specializes in providing tools for people who don't want to learn a programming language. Some services are free and others charge a fee. You'll need to join the service and use the tools it provides. You won't have to learn HTML or any other Web programming language as long as you use the templates and tools provided by the service or company. Using a Web-building service is a good option if you don't want to learn HTML or any programming language and you don't anticipate making more than one or two Web pages.


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Learn HTML

Web managers and Web-design professionals who know HTML usually build a Web page offline and then upload it to a domain on a host server using file transfer protocol. They know how to use HTML and other programming languages that make Web pages work. You can learn HTML free at many websites. After you understand HTML, you can build your Web page using a text editor or an HTML editor.

Text Editors and HTML Editors

A text editor is the most basic tool you can use to build a Web page. With a text editor, you build your page using HTML. A text editor won't find errors in syntax or provide any pre-built code snippets that simplify the job, but text-editing software is free and can be found on most operating systems. One text editor that comes with Windows 8 is Notepad.


HTML-editing software provides tools that make building pages faster and easier than using a text editor. Depending on the software, HTML-editing software can provide code suggestions, check your HTML code for syntax errors, and may contain file transfer protocol programs that upload your completed page. You can download free HTML-editing software packages or you can purchase them from major software vendors. HTML-editing software purchased from a software manufacturer often has tools and abilities that free software lacks, but both can build Web pages.

Web Hosting and Domains

When you create a Web page with a text editor or HTML editor, you are the only person who can see it, because it exists only on your computer. For the world to view your page, you'll need a host service that provides server space and a domain name. You also need to use a file transfer program to move the Web page from your computer to your host. Your host service will provide a file transfer program and can instruct you how to use it.


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