How to Change Zone Width With SharePoint

By Janice Uwujaren

The purpose of a Web part zone is to serve as a receptacle for Web parts. Web parts are server controls that empower users to manipulate the appearance, contents and performance of a SharePoint page directly from the browser using the "Edit Page" option from the "Site Action" menu. Web part zones group Web parts into regions on a page and add the contents of Web parts into the content database so that users can interact with Web parts directly through the browser. Adding or deleting a Web part zone and modifying zone settings cannot be accomplished through the browser interface. Instead, you must accomplish this process through SharePoint Designer.

Step 1

Open SharePoint Designer and use the "Open Site" option under the "File" menu to navigate to the site where you want modify the width of a Web part zone.

Step 2

Highlight the table cell that contains the Web part zone for which you want to change the width.

Step 3

Place the cursor on the right border of the cell until the two-way arrow appears and expand the cell to the left or right to decrease or increase the width of the zone.

Tips & Warnings

  • As an added security measure, you can choose not to store Web parts in a Web part zone so that users can view the web parts through the browser but cannot make changes.