What Is Website Cloning?

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Website cloning reduces the development needed to create a website.

Website cloning refers to the copying or modification of an existing website design or script to create a new website. Website cloning allows designers to create websites without the need to write scripts from scratch.


Website Cloning Market

Cloning companies offer their services to clients as a means of lower-cost website development. Clients can select existing websites and enlist developers to copy the elements they desire. Do-it-yourself developers with low to moderate skill levels can use website cloning as a way to eliminate or reduce script-writing tasks and design layout.


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Script Cloning

By copying an existing script, a developer can make appropriate modifications for functionality on a new website. Scripts run behind the scenes on the Internet and control the functionality of what Internet users see. Scripts control website navigation, product order and checkout functionality and search features, among other functions.



Design Cloning

By making a copy of a Web page, a designer can modify the layout and create a new website. Designers can replace information and graphics from the existing site with new content. While the web page has the same appearance as the original, the content and branding materials are changed.




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