How to Create an Umlaut in Outlook

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Umlauts, which are markings over vowels that indicate a different vowel quality, are used most often in Germanic languages. The phrase "danke schön," or thank you much, takes on a different sound in German than it does in English because of that umlauted "o." While umlauts can be replaced when writing the letters on an English keyboard by adding an "e" after the letter (danke schoen), it is often more desirable to use ALT codes or to cut and paste the umlauted letter to ensure word accuracy.


Step 1

Launch Outlook. Write your email without including the umlauted letters at first. Make sure you mark the words that need letters replaced so you don't forget. You can do this by highlighting the words or putting them in bold or all caps.

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Step 2

Learn the Alt codes for umlauted letters. While holding down the Alt key, use your number pad to enter 0 and a three-digit number. For example, "Alt" and "0132" will create a "ä" and "Alt" and "0129" will create a "ü."


Step 3

Insert a symbol. Click on Outlook's "Insert" menu and click "Symbol." Scroll through the symbol tab until you find the umlauted letters you are looking for. Double-click to select the symbol.


Step 4

Copy and paste umlauted letters from the Web. If you are having a difficult time finding the right Alt code or symbol, search German websites to find the exact letter you're looking for.



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