How to Enter Vowels When Using an Arabic Keyboard

Writing in Arabic using your computer can take time to get used to. It may become tedious to include all of the vowels on each letter. Although some Arabic keyboards may not show which keys write what vowels, that does not mean that you won't be able to add vowels to the letters you are typing. But it may slow your typing speed to make sure all the vowels are included. With five general vowels and some having different variations, it will take some practice to master typing them.

You can use your keyboard to type iArabic, words that include vowels.


Step 1

Install the Arabic language software on your computer. You will need your operating system installation CD to to this. Switch the language to Arabic by pressing "ALT" and "Shift" simultaneously. Make sure the cursor is to the left of the letter to which you want to add the vowel. The Arabic keyboard is universal, so these steps will work for any software you have.

Step 2

To write the vowel "fatha," hold the shift key and and press the Q key. To write "fatha" with "tanween," depress the shift key and press the W key.

Step 3

To write the vowel kasra, hold down the shift key and press the A key. To write kasra with tanween, hold the shift key down and press the S key.

Step 4

To write the vowel "damma," hold the shift key and and press the E key. To write "damma" with "tanween," hold shift and press the R key.

Step 5

To write the vowel sokoon, hold shift and press the X key.

Step 6

To write the vowel shadda, hold shift and press the tilde key.

Things You'll Need

  • Arabic language software

  • Arabic keyboard


If you don't have an Arabic keyboard, you can purchase stickers with Arabic letters to attach to your existing keyboard.

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