How to Create New Folders on Your Desktop

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Keep your desktop organized by creating folders.

Too often, your desktop can become cluttered by documents and files. There are easy ways to create a new folder on your desktop to keep your items organized and easy to access. Whether you have a notebook or desktop, the method used to create a new folder is the same (as long as you are using a version of Windows).


Step 1

Use the mouse to right click anywhere on your desktop. (You might need to minimize open windows to get to your desktop).

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Step 2

Hover your mouse over the word "New" on the menu that appears.


Step 3

Select "Folder" from the menu. A folder icon will appear on your desktop.

Step 4

Right-click on the folder icon and choose "Rename." Type a name for the folder and press Enter.


Step 5

Using your mouse, drag and drop the desired files into the folder. You can create as many of these desktop folders as necessary.

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