How to Send an Entire Folder Through an Email

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You might know how to attach multiple attachments to your email. But you can save time by sending an entire compressed folder to your recipient.

Step 1

Locate the folder containing the information you would like to send.


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Step 2

Right-click the folder and select "Send to compressed file" from the pop-up menu. Anew icon with the same title as your original folder, in the form of a ZIP file will appear.

Step 3

Navigate to your email application or account and compose a new message. Click the "Attach" button and browse for your new ZIP file. The ZIP file should be in the same location as your original folder. Select the file to attach it to the email.



Step 4

Verify that the attachment is attached to your email. Finish composing your letter and send it to your recipient. Your whole folder has been sent via email.




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