How to Copy an Email Folder to a Hard Drive

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Save an email file to your hard drive.

An email file is a file that comes in your email with important information or pictures in it. When you get information in your email account, you might decide to transfer the information to your hard drive. This is a process that is easy to do, and it is a good idea to do it, because scam artists or hackers can get into your email account and ruin or delete information. You can also save an entire email folder, such as your Inbox or Sent folder, by saving or exporting it. Saving an email folder to your hard drive is extremely easy.


Step 1

Open your inbox and click on the message that contains the email folder. Right-click on it and choose "Save As."

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Step 2

Choose a location on the hard drive of your computer and click "OK" to save the file in that location. Choose a name for the folder so you'll remember what it is.


Step 3

Choose "Save" to save the email folder.

Step 4

Click on the headings for your email folders where messages are stored, such as your Inbox, your Sent folder and your personally named folders. Right-click or double-click on the heading until you see a "Save Folder" option. Depending on your email program, you might be able to click "Save As" and save the folder as a document onto your computer. If you do not have a "Save As" option, look in your "Tools," "Menu," "File Menu" or "Options" menu. Choose "Export" and specify the particular folder you would like to save. As "Export Destination," choose the place where you'd like the folder saved on your computer. When you click "Export," it will be saved.





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