How to Extract EPUB Files

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An .epub is a popular extension that is used for electronic publications. These folders are compatible with many electronic book-reading devices and desktop reading programs. Unlike most extensions that define a single file, an .epub is actually a compressed folder that contains many files. If you need to edit a file within this folder, you will first have to extract these files. This process is simple and can be achieved using the same method required to extract files from a .zip folder.


Step 1

Open the folder that contains your .epub folder. By default, Windows hides file extensions, so you will need to change your folder settings to be able to extract files from your .epub folder.

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Step 2

Click the "Organize" menu option from the top left of the folder menu and click "Folder and search options."


Step 3

Click on the tab labeled "View" to open up a list of options. Scroll down the list until you find "Hide extensions for known file types." Remove the check mark from this box and hit "OK" to return to the folder.

Step 4

Locate your desired .epub folder and right-click on the folder name. Choose to "Rename" the folder, and change the .epub extension to .zip. Hit "Enter" to save the name change.



Step 5

Right-click the folder name and click the option to "Extract All." Choose a destination path for the files from the provided menu and click "OK." Once the extraction process is complete, you can open the destination path folder to find the extracted files.




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