How to Crop a Photo Using

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How to Crop a Photo Using You can crop photos to remove unwanted items from the sides, top and bottom of a picture. Sometimes, it is easier to use other features on once the photo has been cropped. allows you to crop your picture using an ellipse or rectangle tool; here's how.


Step 1

Open on your computer by clicking on the "" desktop icon. You can also go through the program file to open the program.

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Step 2

Find the photo you want to crop. You can do this by clicking on the picture of the open folder located on the middle navigation bar.


Step 3

Access the tool selector menu on the third navigation bar. This will open a drop-down menu containing all of the tools available to use on the photo.

Step 4

Pick the "rectangle select" or "ellipse select" tool. The rectangle select tool allows you to crop your picture to a square or rectangle shape; the ellipse select tool allows you to crop your picture to a circle or oval shape.



Step 5

Move the cursor to the upper corner of the area that you want to remain. Hold the left mouse button down.

Step 6

Drag toward the bottom of the picture until the area you want to remain is completely in the dotted outline.


Step 7

Click on the "Image" button on the uppermost navigation bar. Select "Crop to Selection." This will crop the image to the area inside of the dotted outline.



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