How to Superimpose One Image Onto Another

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How to Superimpose One Image Onto Another. Wanting to merge two images together is a common desire for those who like to play with photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro. You can use merged or superimposed images to combine multiple pictures of your vacation into a single frameable image, saving wall space. You can also use superimposed images to create fantasy images, or even put yourself in the same photograph as Winston Churchill.


Step 1

Open both of your images in your photo-editing program. The images do not need to be the same size. You can adjust the sizes later, or have your software resample the images when you place them together.

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Step 2

Use the Selection tool to select the portion of the second image that you wish superimposed over the first. The settings on the tool should be "Ellipse," "Feather = 15" and "Anti alias."


Step 3

Copy the selected area.

Step 4

Open or click over to the first image which is providing your primary background.

Step 5

Paste the image portion from the secondary image as a layer onto the background picture. Use the "Hand" tool to drag the superimposed image to the location that you want on the background.


Step 6

Use the layer opacity controls to adjust the superimposed image so that it appears with the proper ethereal quality over your background.

Step 7

Save your combined picture.

Step 8

Add any other images that you wish to merge in the same fashion.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo-editing software

  • 2 image files


Always save the image in the native format of your graphics program. This will typically maintain the individual layers and objects you used to create your superimposed image so that it can be edited or easily added to later.