How to Delete iPhone Browsing History

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The iPhone uses a mobile version of the Safari browser to view websites. Safari keeps a record of websites you have visited. However, you can easily delete this browsing history if you do not want it recorded.


Step 1

Press the round button below your iPhone's screen, and slide your finger across the screen as instructed to unlock your iPhone.

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Step 2

Press the Safari icon, and then press the bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen. The bookmark icon looks like an open book, and is the second icon to the right.


Step 3

Select the "History" folder. If you don't have any websites bookmarked, the iPhone will automatically go into the "History" folder. Press the "Clear" button located at bottom left.


Step 4

Press the red button labeled "Clear History." You have now successfully deleted the browsing history on your iPhone. Click "Done" at top right to return to Safari.


This process also deletes your history of Google searches on the iPhone.


You can not reverse this process once it has been completed.



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