How to Delete One Page in a Multiple-Page PDF Document in Adobe Reader

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Many computers can open PDF documents.

PDF documents are often used to share information. A lot of business and home computers are able to open and view files that are saved in a PDF format. These documents are created by using the program Adobe Reader. This program is also often needed to view PDF documents that are sent to you. Once you have a PDF document, you can use the program's options to delete a page if necessary.


Step 1

Open the multiple-page PDF document.

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Step 2

Scroll through the document and find the page you want to delete. Make a note of the page number associated with it.

Step 3

Click "Document" and select "Delete Pages." This option allows you to delete just one page from the multiple-page document.

Step 4

Type in the page number of the page you want to delete. Click "OK." This action deletes the page number you entered.