How to Delete Things off the Clipboard on an iPhone

By Lara Webster

Since the advent of iOS 3, iPhones have the capacity to copy and paste text. Just like on a computer, copied text is saved to the iPhone's hard drive clipboard. While you can't manually delete the current contents of the clipboard, each time you copy a group of text the last item on the clipboard is deleted. To clear your iPhone clipboard, copy blank spaces onto the clipboard so it appears empty.

Step 1

Open up any application on your iPhone that offers a field for entering text, such as the Notes app or your text messaging app.

Step 2

Tap once inside the blank field where your cursor is blinking. The iPhone keyboard automatically appears in the bottom half of the screen.

Step 3

Tap the "Space" button twice to create two empty spaces in the text field.

Step 4

Hold your finger on top of the cursor until the text toolbar appears. Tap the "Select" button and then "Copy." The blank spaces you created are copied to the clipboard, erasing the last item that was copied to the clipboard.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also clear the iPhone's clipboard by restarting the device.

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