How to Detect a Cell Phone Tap

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A few clues might reveal that your cell phone is being tapped.
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There are several differences between landline phones and cell phones. But there is one distinct similarity: both can be tapped. That means whatever private conversations you have on your cell phone may be monitored. Personal conversations, financial information -- anything you say may be heard, even recorded, by someone else. There are simple ways you can detect a cell phone tap.


Step 1

Notice if you are having to charge your cell phone more often than normal, especially when you haven't used it more. Without your knowledge, your cell phone may be picking up conversations around it via its microphone. It could then be transmitting this information. This extra use will drain your cell-phone battery faster than normal.


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Step 2

Feel your cell phone when you haven't used it for a while. If it feels warm, this is an indication that your cell phone is being used, possibly by a tap.

Step 3

Hear an unusual amount of static, clicking, scratchiness and other noises while you're using your cell phone, and it may have a tap on it. The volume of your cell phone may also be affected.


Step 4

Listen for unusual sounds coming from your cell phone when you're not using it. Your phone may be acting as a receiver/transmitter, picking up any conversations near it.


Step 5

Tell one trusted person some personal information about yourself while talking on your cell phone. Then, if you find out that others have found this information out, your cell phone may have a tap on it.




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