How to Disable a McAfee SiteAdvisor

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The McAfee Internet Security Suite is the McAfee suite of computer safety and security programs that can be used for the home, school or business. The Site Advisor Internet Safety application is bundled with the program suite to provide protection while surfing the Internet. SiteAdvisor is compatible with the Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers. Depending on the nature of the work you are doing on your computer, you may have a need to disable the McAfee SiteAdvisor.


Step 1

Double-click the McAfee program icon located in your computer's "Start" menu "Program Files" directory or on the computer's desktop to open the SiteAdvisor Control Panel.

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Step 2

Choose the "Internet and Network" menu option on the Security Center Control Panel. This option provides access to change the settings for McAfee SiteAdvisor on your computer.


Step 3

Change the status of McAfee SiteAdvisor from "Enable" to "Disable" to turn off SiteAdvisor on your computer. You will need to choose the "Save Settings" menu option to keep the SiteAdvisor program disabled on your computer.


Step 4

Close the McAfee Control Panel by clicking the "X" located in the upper right-hand corner of the control panel window.



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