How to Disable SonicWALL Content Filter Service

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Sonicwall Content Filter Service allows administrators to block certain websites within a company, organization or academic institution. You can prevent your employees or students from browsing certain websites that are either inappropriate or distracting in an workplace environment. However, if there are certain necessary websites that are blocked accidentally, you can disable the filter service for those particular sites.


Step 1

Launch SonicWALL Content Filtering Service from the "Start" menu under "All Programs > SonicWALL." You will need administrative rights to access this folder.

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Step 2

Click "Security Services" in the left pane. Select "Content Filtering." Hit the "Configure" button.


Step 3

Check "Enable Allowed/Forbidden Domains" under "Allowed and Forbidden Domains."

Step 4

Click "Add" under "Allowed Domains."


Step 5

Type the host name (e.g., "") under "Domain Name." Click "OK." Do not include "http://" before the host name. Repeat this step for all the websites where you want SonicWALL to be disabled.



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