How to Disable the Print Screen Key in Windows

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Print Screen is a button on a computer keyboard, often abbreviated "Prt Scrn" in order to fit on a single key. It is usually situated in the top right corner, near the Scroll Lock button. The purpose of the Print Screen button can be summed up in two words: screen capture. Namely, this command saves or prints the current appearance of the computer screens an image file. Sometimes this command can interfere with certain security issues, so it is necessary to disable it.


Step 1

Press the "Print Screen" button to print the whole computer screen. Then press the "Print Screen" button in combination with the "Alt" key to capture only the active window. If these commands are working, that means that the Print Screen option is enabled. The Print Screen option is enabled almost always since it is a system key in Windows.


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Step 2

Click on the "Start" button, choose the "Control Panel" option and then open the "Accessibility" options.


Step 3

Click on the "Keyboard" icon to open a window. Find the "FilterKey" option and turn it off.




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