How to Dispose of a Computer Keyboard

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If you have replaced your computer keyboard, you may wonder what to do with your old one. If you don't want to keep it, you should discard it in an environmentally responsible manner. It may require some investigation, but it is possible to get rid of a computer keyboard without having it wind up as another piece of toxic landfill trash.

Step 1

Recycle your keyboard. Look for environmentally and socially responsible recyclers that do not ship e-waste to developing countries. Some municipalities and states also accept e-waste for responsible recycling.

Step 2

Sell your keyboard. Advertise it a service such as Craigslist or eBay. Specify that you are only selling a keyboard rather than an intact system. Indicate the brand and type of keyboard, and whether or not it is functional.

Step 3

Give your keyboard away. Maybe a friend or family member could use it. You could also offer your keyboard in a service such as Freecycle that specializes in exchanges of personal items.

Step 4

Return it. Depending on the manufacturer and how old your keyboard is, you may be able to return the keyboard for cash or credit toward a future purchase.


If you sell or give away your keyboard, it is acceptable to expect the recipient to be responsible for picking it up or paying shipping costs.

While many charities and recyclers that request or accept computers will only accept complete systems, some will accept a keyboard alone.


Don't expect to receive a high price if you sell your keyboard.

Some e-waste recycling programs actually ship the materials to developing countries where unsafe practices are used to extract valuable materials for resale.

Some manufacturer return programs charge a fee to pick up equipment that is very old or is broken.

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