How to Do an Excel Chart With Multiple Legends

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Create an Excel chart.

If you have data sets that could easily lend themselves to graphical representations, then consider formatting your data sets into a chart using Microsoft Office's Excel spreadsheet and graph functions. You can create these charts with custom, detailed legends that help your audience better understand your data.


Step 1

Open your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that already has your data entered into the cells.

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Step 2

Click on cell A1, followed by "Control" and "A." This is a shortcut that highlights your complete set of data.


Step 3

Click "Insert" on your toolbar, followed by "Bar," "Pie" or another form of chart that you like. The chart will appear in your spreadsheet.

Step 4

Click on the chart. Click "Layout" and then the Legend icon. Click the button that specifies the your legend's orientation such as "Show Legend at Right." The legend will appear in your chart.



Step 5

Click on the legend table. Click "Control" and "C," followed by "Control" and "V." A second legend will appear in your graph.



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