How to Export Pivot Table Data to Excel

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Microsoft Excel provides a wide range of features for manipulating and analyzing data. Traditional line, bar or pie charts simply plot points or tally data to visualize using a standard graphing template. Pivot tables are more versatile. These allow the user to focus on one or more particular fields of a spreadsheet and create a new type of spreadsheet table that displays all the other data in relationship to these chosen fields. While this is powerful in its own right, the pivot tables offer the additional ability to then export individual field results from the table into a new Excel spreadsheet.


Step 1

Load the Excel pivot table spreadsheet.

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Step 2

View the table and decide which components of the pivot data you wish to export to a new Excel spreadsheet. The pivot table divides the spreadsheet data into multiple categories, based on the table's formatting. However, the table does not show the original data, only the summation information. You may wish to export all the original spreadsheet data rows that correspond to a particular number that appears on the pivot table.


Step 3

Double-click on the chosen numerical result in the pivot table. A new spreadsheet is immediately created and all the corresponding data from the original data source is exported from the pivot table field into the new spreadsheet.


Step 4

Click on the pivot table spreadsheet tab to return to the pivot table.


Step 5

Double-click on any other table row's numerical result to create an additional, separate data export into another new Excel spreadsheet. Repeat this process as needed until all the separate pivot data you require is exported. Excel conveniently places each export into a new separate spreadsheet to keep the data sets independent of each other for further analysis.




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