How to Do Cross Outs & Bolds on Tumblr

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Tumblr dubs itself "the easiest way to blog." To fulfill this slogan, Tumblr simplifies the process of formatting blog posts. The Add a Text Post page -- the place where you create blog entries -- contains a rich text editor that makes bolding words and adding lines through text a matter of clicking a button. For more advanced users, Tumblr provides an HTML editor.


Step 1

Sign in to Tumblr and visit your Dashboard.

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Step 2

Click "Text" to begin a new text post.

Step 3

Type your post in the Post box.


Step 4

Highlight the text you're formatting.


Step 5

Click "Bold" to make the highlighted text bold. Click "Strikethrough" to cross out the text. Both options are in the toolbar in the top of the Post box.

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