How to Draw a Rectangle With a Border in Photoshop

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Adding a border to a shape makes it more prominent and helps it stand out in your image. With Adobe Photoshop, it is possible to add a border to any shape you create. Borders include customizable elements, such as width, color and transparency. Change these elements to create a border that best fits your needs. Transparent shapes and shapes that are filled with color are capable of having a custom border.


Step 1

Select the "Rectangle Marquee Tool" from the tool bar on the left side of the application.

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Step 2

Click and hold the left mouse button on the canvas, then drag your mouse to create a rectangle. A dashed rectangle shows your current selection. Release the mouse button when the rectangle is the correct size and shape.


Step 3

Click the "Edit" menu at the top of the application, then click "Stroke." This opens a new window.

Step 4

Enter a width for the border in the "Width" text box.


Step 5

Click on the color swatch, then select a color for the border of the rectangle.


Step 6

Select a location for the border. Apply the border to the inside of the dashed lines, centered over the lines or on the outside of the lines.


Step 7

Select the blending mode and opacity.

Step 8

Click "OK."

Step 9

Press the "Ctrl" key and the "D" key on your keyboard to remove the dashed rectangle.

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