How to Edit a Game on iFile

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Double check your edits before confirming the change.
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The iFile application for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available only on jailbroken devices. The third-party app is an alternative type of file browser; instead of navigating files from a computer, you can access the files from the device. iFile exposes system files so you can edit them easily. No file is off limits and this includes apps and games you've already installed.


Step 1

Tap the "iFile" icon to launch it.

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Step 2

Tap the folders in this order: "Var," "Mobile," "Applications." Press your finger directly on the file names instead of the blue arrows that open the File Attributes window.


Step 3

Scroll to find the game folder. The list contains random digits and numbers, so you'll have to check them one by one.

Step 4

Pick a folder and tap it to see if it contains the game you're looking for. It will be in the following format:



Step 5

Tap the appropriate sub-folder once you find the game. For example, tap "Documents" to access saved games or "Library" to locate high scores.

Step 6

Select the file you wish to edit, then select "Text Viewer" from the list.


Step 7

Tap "Edit" and make the necessary changes.

Step 8

Press "Save" to confirm.



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