How to Embed HTML in an Email

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In an email, when HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code is embedded, it becomes the note's body so that it displays as the message that your recipients receive. With your embedded code, create customized stationery to use it for whatever personal or business project that you desire. For example, if you run a business, you can make a file that contains your company's letterhead information. Using the text editor application included with your computer, create the HTML code and embed it in your own email message.


Step 1

Launch your text editor application and create a new HTML page by entering the opening code in the window. Further, type a name for your file between the "" tags, which can be the term(s) of your choosing that identifies the document. For example: Email Document

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Step 2

Enter a "" tag after the closing "" element. Anything typed after this tag is visible in your HTML email.


Step 3

Create a single column, single row table to hold your email message. Enter the following:

Step 4

Enter you content between the "" tags. For instance: This is the content of my message


Step 5

Place content between "" tags to bold the font, use "" elements to italicize text or "" to underline text. To illustrate: This is italicized text.


Step 6

Make hyperlinks so that the text takes a user to a destination on the Web when she clicks on it. Enter an opening "anchor" tag, with the intended address before the text, and type in a closing element after it like so: Linked Text


Step 7

Save your file and open an email message. Click the "Insert" option on your program to locate your file and embed it in the body of the note. If using Mac OS X Mail, bring up the Safari browser, select "Open File" under the "File" menu and then simultaneously press the "Command" and "I" buttons on your keyboard to load the HTML in your message.

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