How to Use HTML to Insert a Logo

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When you want to add an logo to your website or e-mail, some simple HTML is all it takes to insert the image. Adding a logo can make your online publishing efforts much more professional, and it's easy to add different logos and images to your files once you memorize the basic code. If you want to insert a logo into a design or file, here's how to use HTML to create your web-friendly logo.


Step 1

Locate the file of your logo. You'll need the file location and extension of your logo image so that you can insert it into the code.

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Step 2

Open your word editor. Open up Notepad or other word processing software to begin writing your code.

Step 3

Write the code to insert an image file. Type <img src=" followed by your file location/name, and extension. End this portion of the code with one set of apostrophes and close your tag with a '>'.


Step 4

Insert 'alt tag' information. This is valuable for the search engines and users who cannot read images. This information can include your company name or simply the message of your logo. You'll need to add this immediately after the 'img src' section and insert the text around two apostrophes.

Step 5

Indicate height and width of your image. Height and width information go immediately after your alt tag attribute and are also wrapped around apostrophes. You will need to write the following: width = "(number of pixels)" height="(number of pixels)".


Step 6

Indicate border information then close the tag. Border thickness is not required for all logos, but the default is usually '0'. You will need to write the following: border="0" and then close the tag with another '>' symbol.

Step 7

Save your file as an .htm extension. This is your HTML file that you can use for your design project.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Paint or Image software

  • Notepad or basic word processing program


You can change the size of your image easily by editing the width and height within the HTML. The default for border style is typically 0. You can make a logo clickable by adding "" and "" around the image.


Make sure the logo can be found in an easily accessible place on your computer's hard drive. Always close your tags properly; missing this step can prevent your image or file from showing up.