How to Create an Information Icon in Word

By Carol Finch

Learn how to type an information icon in a Word document or insert the icon as a symbol. Search for other symbols online or create your own design.

To create a circled information icon -- ⓘ -- in a Word document, use the Webdings font to either type the icon or insert it as a symbol. Depending on the fonts installed on your system, you may also be able to create the circled i and other information symbols with Unicode symbol shortcuts. Alternatively, search online to find an information icon image or create your own design.

Create a Webdings Information Icon

Type the Icon

The Webdings font creates symbols when you type letters on your keyboard; it includes a circled information symbol.

Step 1

Open the Home tab and go to the Font area. Select the Font box arrow and scroll down to Webdings.

Step 2

Type an i to make an information icon.

Select Webdings to set it as the current default. Type a lowercase i to insert a circled information sign.


Remember to switch back to your regular font after typing the icon, otherwise you'll continue to type in Webdings.


The information icon only appears only if its font is set as Webdings. If you change the icon's font, it switches back to a regular letter "i." To avoid this, insert the icon as a symbol.

Insert the Icon as a Symbol

Step 1

Select More Symbols from the Symbol menu.

Open the Insert tab. Select the Symbol button and then More Symbols.

Step 2

Select the symbol in Webdings and insert it.

Change the font to Webdings. Scroll through the list of symbols until you reach the information icon and select it. Select Insert to add the symbol to the document and select Close.

Use a Unicode Symbol Shortcut

Unicode keyboard shortcuts insert symbols in a document, using a code and an Alt-X command. To insert the symbol, type its code and then press the Alt and X keys on your keyboard simultaneously. The Alt-X command then converts the code to a symbol. For example:

  • ⓘ = 24d8 + Alt-X
  • i = 2139 + Alt-X