How to Enable WAN Ping on a Linksys Router

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Linksys routers disable the WAN ping function by default as a security precaution. When a host is connected directly to the Internet without a firewall in place, it presents a security risk because an attacker can learn of the host's existence through a ping sweep. It is not bad in itself for a host on the Internet to be pinged, as long as a firewall is in place. The Linksys router acts as a firewall for the rest of the network by default. You can enable the WAN ping on a Linksys router through the administrative interface.


Step 1

Open a browser, then type "" (without quotes) into the address bar. Press "Enter."

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Step 2

Leave the user name blank and type "admin" for the password. Press "Enter."


Step 3

Click "Security."


Step 4

Click to uncheck "Filter anonymous Internet requests."

Step 5

Click "Save Settings" to apply the changes.



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