How to Find Midrange Using Windows Excel

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Excel has a number of functions for extracting a given number out of a range of numbers. Examples include the =MIN() function (which takes the smallest number in the range) and the =MAX() function (which takes the largest number in the range). Getting the middle value out of a range of numbers uses the =MEDIAN() function, and is useful for finding data in ranges with a few outliers on the high or low values, such as finding out what a typical midrange sales volume is like on a day in November, not counting sales on the day after Thanksgiving.


Step 1

Open up your Excel file with your range of numbers. For this example, put your numbers in cells A1 through A10.

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Step 2

Enter the formula "=MEDIAN(A1:A10)" in cell B1.

Step 3

Press "Enter" to allow the formula to run. The middle value in the range of cells will be displayed.




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