How to Find Midrange Using Windows Excel

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Excel has a number of functions for extracting a given number out of a range of numbers. Examples include the =MIN() function (which takes the smallest number in the range) and the =MAX() function (which takes the largest number in the range). Getting the middle value out of a range of numbers uses the =MEDIAN() function, and is useful for finding data in ranges with a few outliers on the high or low values, such as finding out what a typical midrange sales volume is like on a day in November, not counting sales on the day after Thanksgiving.


Step 1

Open up your Excel file with your range of numbers. For this example, put your numbers in cells A1 through A10.

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Step 2

Enter the formula "=MEDIAN(A1:A10)" in cell B1.

Step 3

Press "Enter" to allow the formula to run. The middle value in the range of cells will be displayed.


If you want to report the cell that's in the middle of the sequence of the numbered values, see the =RANK(), INDEX() and MATCH() functions, which can combine to do some fairly complex data extractions.

With the MEDIAN() function, If the range of cells you use includes blank cells, they are not included in the set for determining the median, though cells with a value of 0 are.