How to Find People With Similar Interests on Facebook

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If ever you tire of the same old boring Facebook friends, the site is teaming with people who share many of the interests you're into. With some targeted searching, you can find these people, maybe even making new friends in the process. With hashtags, graph search, pages and groups at your disposal, you can soon replace your friends with more interesting ones.


The Almighty Hashtag

While the hashtag may have gotten its start on Twitter, the trend has migrated to Facebook. Now you can use Facebook's search bar to search for posts containing a specific hashtag. When you use a hashtag in a post you've shared publicly, it's added to the list of that hashtag's search results. You can also click on any hashtags you see to go directly to a page containing posts using that hashtag. Use this to find people with similar interests by searching something like, "#XBOXONE."


Graph Search Gold

Facebook's graph search expands on the site's classic search functionality by providing results based on interests, music, movies or places of interest. Using graph search, you can specify a location modifier with any search. For example, to find people close to you with similar musical taste, you might enter, "People who listen to Justin Bieber and live nearby." As of July 2014, Graph Search is still in beta testing, and you'll need to sign up to use it (link in Resources). Currently, it's only available for English-speaking Facebook users.


Age of the Page

Facebook pages are like profiles, but for celebrities, musicians, movies, interests, or anything else that isn't a normal, non-famous individual. A good page not only provides steady content on the topic, but also serves as a community for like-minded individuals to gather and discuss it. For example, if you're the only person you know who watches Doctor Who, liking a few Doctor Who fan pages will introduce you to other fans who comment on the page's posts.

The Group Troop

Groups are Facebook's version of a forum. A group is run by one person or a group of moderators, but anybody can post in them. They're typically centered around a specific topic, whether it be a location, TV show or sub-culture. If tattoos are your thing, finding a tattoo group to join ensures you always have people to talk to who share this interest. Where pages serve as more a celebration of the topic, groups are a community centered around it.


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