How to Find Out Who Owns a Facebook Page

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Facebook allows each user to create and manage as many "fan pages" as he wants through his personal account, so fan pages are often owned by individuals. Find out who owns a Facebook Page -- if it isn't obvious when it first loads in the Web browser -- by exploring the Page further.


Step 1

Log in to if you are not already logged in to your account. Type the name of the Page whose owner you want to identify into the "Search" field.

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Step 2

Inspect the landing page for clues as to who might own the Page simply based on its "About" description that runs along the left side of the Page. The Facebook Page "Visit Japan," for example, is the official U.S. page of the Japanese Tourism Ministry.



Step 3

Click the "Info" tab for more information. Peruse the Page's description for information as to who the owner might be. Alternatively, send a message to the email address listed or visit the website to obtain information about who owns the Page.




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