How to Keep a Facebook Page Private Until Launch

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Unpublished pages are visible only to administrators.
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You wouldn't let customers wander around your store before it's open; don't let your new Facebook business page leak before you're ready for a strong opening. Facebook pages are intended to be the public face of your business or brand. When creating a new Facebook page, you can delay publishing it until the official launch.


Step 1

Log in to the Facebook account that you plan to use to administer your business Facebook page.

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Step 2

Navigate to Facebook's "Create a Page" screen at Follow the on-screen direction to create your business's Facebook page configuring the name, categories and other information.


Step 3

Do not click the red "Publish This Page" button when entering information until you are ready for the official launch. Only other administrators you appoint can view and edit the business page.


Step 4

Hide an already published Facebook page by opening the "Edit Page" screen at the top of the Admin Panel and selecting "Manage Permissions." Click the check box to unpublish the page and allow only administrators to see it.


Step 5

Launch the page on the correct date by clicking the "Publish This Page" button on a previously unpublished page or by unclicking the option to only allow viewing by admins.



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