How to Deactivate Facebook but Keep My Musician Page

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Deactivating a Facebook profile does not delete a fan page; however, your administrator rights will be suspended while your account is inactive. If you want to deactivate your account but retain administrator privileges for your musician page, you'll need to create a Facebook business account and link it to the musician page prior to deactivation. Because managing two Facebook profiles, whether business or personal, at the same time, is against Facebook's terms of service, you'll need to deactivate the business account if you choose to reactivate your personal profile.


Step 1

Visit Log out of your account if you are already logged in. Click on "Create a Page" at the bottom of the screen.

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Step 2

Select any type of page to create. The page information doesn't matter -- you're only creating it initially to create a Facebook business account. You can delete the page later.


Step 3

Select "I Do Not Have a Facebook Account." Enter the information to create your business account, then click "Sign Up Now." Check the email address you used to create the account and click on the verification link.

Step 4

Log out of your business account, then sign in with your personal account. Click on "Account," then "Use as Page." Select the musician page. Click "See All" next to "Admins."



Step 5

Click on "Add New Admin." Type the email address you used to create your business account, then click "Add." Your business account is now linked to the musician page.

Step 6

Click on "Account," then "Account Settings." Click on "Deactivate" to deactivate your personal Facebook profile.


Step 7

Sign in with your business account profile. Click on the default page you created, then click "Edit Page." Click on "Permanently Delete Page" to delete the default page. You'll now be able to manage your musician page with your business account.

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