How to Find the Hard Drive in a Computer

By Gabriel Dockery

Computer companies and private computer builders often use computer cases that vary widely in design. As a result, the physical location of some hardware components may differ greatly from one computer to the next. Locating the hard drives is integral to a computer user's ability to upgrade and replace hard-drive components later in the life of the computing system.

Step 1

Disconnect the computer from any electrical sources and remove the computer case's side access panel.

Step 2

Locate the motherboard hard-drive data ports. These are located in the bottom right corner of the computer's motherboard and are labeled on the motherboard for easy identification.

Step 3

Follow the data cables visually from the motherboard to the hard drives. The cable ends at the hard-drive installation location. All hard drives are installed in a centralized location within the drive cage that provides hard-drive bays for installation of one or more hard drives.