How to Find Your WiFi Information

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Wi-Fi networks allow users to connect wirelessly. If you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, either via public Wi-Fi or at home Wi-Fi, you may need to know certain details of the connection to change your network settings or to assist with troubleshooting. Your Wi-Fi connection is displayed within the network window in Windows 7, which you can access from the taskbar.


Step 1

Open the hidden icons on the taskbar. Click "Network."

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Step 2

Right-click your Wi-Fi connection. If you're unsure of which Wi-Fi network you're connected to, look for the network that reads "Connected."


Step 3

Click "Status." You will see various information about your Wi-Fi connection, including the SSID name, duration of the connection, connection speed and signal quality.


Step 4

Click "Details" for more in-depth information, including the DCHP status, default Gateway and IP address.




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