How to Fix a Broken Wireless Card

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How to Fix a Broken Wireless Card. A wireless adapter card plugs into a PC Card or PCI slot in your computer system or laptop creating laptop mobility. In order to gain Internet access, you also need a wireless router to create the wireless LAN. The IEEE 802.11 group is the standard specified technology for wireless LANs.


Step 1

See if the wireless card became loose. If your laptop was moving around in the car or if you dropped it, the wireless card may have become disabled or loose. Look on the front of your computer or laptop for a button or a slider indicating the wireless can be disabled and enabled. Be sure the setting is set for enabled.


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Step 2

Check the Device Manager to see that it is set properly. Right click "My Computer," select "Manage" and then double click "Device Manager." Look in the panel on the right and double click "Network Adapters." This container will open and you may notice more than one card in the list. Right click the "Wireless card" and select "Properties." A new window will open; choose the "General" tab to see the status of the device. Under "Device Usage," "use this device" should be set to "enable." If this option is set at "disabled," use the drop down box and choose "enable."


Step 3

Determine if you lose connectivity all the time or just occasionally. If it is only occasionally, there is a service called Wireless Zero Configuration, which may be causing the problem with your wireless connection. To disable it click "Start" and select "Control Panel" and "Administrative Tools." Select "Services" and scroll down to the "Wireless Zero Configuration." It will probably be set as "Started." Right click and select "Stop."


Step 4

Use the Internet for a few days to see if you notice improvement. If you do, keep this option set to "disabled." Your computer needs the Wireless Zero Configuration program running in order to make the wireless connection. There is a freeware program available, called Wireless FiXP, which will solve this problem. You can create a shortcut and put it in your Startup folder and every time you start your computer, this program will automatically start the Wireless Zero Configuration. The program will wait until your computer successfully connects to the Internet and it will then automatically shut down.


Step 5

Visit for you free download of Wireless FiXP. Download the Wireless FiXP program and unzip it.

Step 6

Open the folder and right click the "FiXP icon" and select "Create Shortcut." Then open your Startup folder and drag the Wireless FiXP shortcut icon into it.




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