How Do I Turn on My Wireless Switch on My Laptop?

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Access the Internet with a wireless computer.

While newer laptop computers have a built-in wireless adapter, allowing the system to freely access the Internet, mobile computers several years old have a wireless button, or switch, on the system. Without the switch turned on the computer cannot access any wireless signals, even if its your own home network. Powering on the wireless switch only takes an extra moment or two and the item is typically found at the top of the keyboard, directly under the monitor.


Step 1

Power on the laptop computer and wait for the operating system to boot before proceeding.

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Step 2

Right-click the wireless icon in the lower right corner of the desktop. From the pop-up menu select "Enable." This activates the wireless Internet options but it does not turn on the wireless receiver.


Step 3

Push down on the wireless button or wireless switch on the top of the keyboard. After a moments time the switch or button lights up, signifying the computer is ready for an Internet connection.


Step 4

Right-click the wireless icon again. From the pull-up menu choose to view all available wireless networks in the area. A window appears with all the networks your computer receives some sort of signal from.


Step 5

Select the wireless network you want access to, type in the password (if required) and click "Connect." Momentarily the laptop computer connects to the Internet.




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