How to Enable a Disabled Dell Vostro Wireless Connection

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The Dell Vostro product line includes both desktop and laptop computers, all with wireless capacity. If the wireless connection on your Dell Vostro is disabled, you can re-enable the connection by switching on the wireless adapter. If you're using a Dell Vostro desktop computer and there's no wireless switch available on the computer, you can re-enable the wireless adapter from within Windows.


Step 1

Flip the wireless switch located at the front of the Dell Vostro, to the left of the speakers and headphone connections, to turn on all wireless connections. If you cannot find a wireless switch, hold down "Fn" and "2" to turn on wireless.

Step 2

Click "Start." Right-click "Network." Click "Properties." Click "Change Adapter Settings."

Step 3

Right-click "Wireless Network Connection." Select "Enable" from the context menu to enable the disabled wireless adapter.